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New EU data protection laws come into effect next year and there's a lot of hysteria surrounding this... we see you millennium bug... we see you.
But fear not! Here is a link to an easy to read article that explains what GDPR will mean for you...

Posted by Stephen - Tuesday 3rd Oct 2017

Quick reminder the Visual Connections is on October the 25th 2017.
You can find out all the event details here

Posted by Catherine - Friday 29th Sept 2017

Check us out on instagram to see top tips for your campaigns,
competitions and showcase your awesome work!

Posted by Catherine - Thursday 21st Sept 2017

Get Marketing Fit for 2018

Published by Catherine | 17th January 2018

2017. 2017. Just when we thought nothing could be as bad as losing David Bowie and Alan Rickman in one year (actually the same month!) 2017 happened. Now we have healed, we have convalesced over Christmas, binged our favourite shows on Netflix, it's time to get marketing fit for 2018.

So take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

Warm Up.

Before you start building your campaign, have an idea of what you want to send out and to whom.
When building your lists, don’t just click around to get through the steps. A bigger list doesn't necessarily equal a better list... Think about who you want to send to. What you are going to send. Make a few lists have a practice and tailor them as much as you need to.


Now you've curated your lists, it's time to think about design.
The design of your campaign is just as important as the images themselves. If you’re stuck and not really sure where to begin, check out our inspiration wall. You can see all of the recent, successful campaigns created using BikiniEmail.

Work Out.

So many people have great images, but cloud the positive vibes with off-colours and a campaign that is screaming at you from the screen.
Think of your campaign as a frame for your images. You want it to compliment your content. Stick to light, neutral tones for your background colours and easy-to-read fonts and colours for your text.

A name in an inbox is most likely going to be forgotten, whereas your logo at the very top of every campaign can really help people to remember you, recognise your brand and keep you on their radar.

Pick one or two "hero" images. That is all you need. If they are interested the will want to find out more. But don't force them to scroll through an incredibly long email just to get to the reason why you are contacting them.

Keep the text minimal. Let your images do the talking. Keep it short and simple, a small paragraph with some recent clients is all you need. Something that is so often missed is a clear call-to-action. Whether it is a button or a text link it has to be on your campaign. Clicks won't happen on their own. so make sure you make it clear what the reader should do next.

Social media is great for getting your work out there. and showing off a little more about yourself. Keep your social media up to date and make sure to get it on your email campaign so the right people can find you and follow you. You can add clickable icons to your campaign or send them straight there with various links on the campaign.

Cool Down.

So your campaign has been sent out successfully. It's time to check your reports. Sweet, a couple of opens, a few clicks, some out-of-office replies, a general enquiry or two and the odd bounceback. Great... time to put your feet up and wait for the money to start rolling in. Right? Wrong!

This is the cardinal sin of email marketing. You spent all that time creating your list of dream clients and a sweet email campaign, then gazed smugly at a couple of pretty graphs on your reports page. The next step is just as important, possibly the most important.


Get into your reports. Live them, breathe them. These contacts are your life blood for the next few days and beyond. Starting with your clickers, view details on every contact and use the Nifty Notes feature to store your notes for future reference.

Make a plan, are you going to call or email these people? This strategy can change over time, you might find that you're not getting anywhere with calls and switch to email, and then when doing follow ups for your next campaign, your contacts may be more receptive to calls than emails.. But whatever you decide. Make sure you contact these people and keep a plan and structure. Phoning a randomly selected clicker isn't likely to achieve much...

Remember enjoy yourself! Don't think if it as an arduous task. This is what can set you apart from the crowd.

There you have your marketing fit programme. However, with any work out, you can't do it once and expect to come out looking like Arnie. It may take a few attempts, patching up a few errors along the way, editing your lists a bit more etc. As long as you do it again and again and again, you will accomplish those gains.

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Bikinilist's Top Tips and Quick Tricks for Email Marketing

Published by Catherine | 18th May 2017

You've got the talent, the images and now the lists, but how do you start utilising these lists and getting your work out there. Over the years email marketing has changed, and it has definitely changed at Bikini. So scrap the old format and make your campaigns fresh, trendy and most importantly simple.


Adam goes stateside...

Bikini interviews top Advertising Photographer Adam Swords...

Hi Adam! Firstly, What made you choose BikiniLists?

I was recommended Bikinilists by another photographer friend of mine. Even though I'm in the advertising industry, I really value word of mouth recommendations especially those from my peers and so I decided to take a closer look at what Bikinilists could offer me.

What has been your experience of working with BikiniLists?

Since I first signed up I've always had exceptional service from Bikinilists. I don't often need to contact them directly as the user interface is very simple and easy to use, but any direct contact I have had has always been a pleasure.


Here at Bikinilists, we have over 50,000 global creative contacts that need your talent.

Your work is great - we know that, so stop worrying about self-promotion and start putting your work in front of the people who need it today.

Make connections. Build a career. Let us help you do it.

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Bikinilists in the news

Here's a recent blog post from media journalist Garrick Webster...

Illustrators and photographers – how to find new clients

by Garrick Webster | Use coupon code GARRICK20 to save 20% on account upgrades

Subscribing to a list service doesn't sound very exciting, but it's an effective way of finding new clients in the creative industries. Here's a look at what's available to today's creative…

Marketing. It can be the bane of your life if you are a creative professional. While it's true that some of us love the cut and thrust of seeking out and landing new clients, for many creatives marketing yourself just gets in the way of... well... being creative. Photographers, illustrators, designers and visual effects pros don't spend years honing their skills and developing their unique styles in order to sit around fiddling with email marketing campaigns. For many, it's a chore you might undertake after updating your portfolio, and only if there's no coffee in the house and no work coming in.

Read more... | Log in with Coupon GARRICK20 to see how much you could save.

Happy New Year everyone! This is a great time to get your work out there... the buyers are well-rested and ready to spend their new year budgets!

Please give us a call if you need a hand with anything.

Posted by Stephen - Thursday 5th Jan 2017

To all our Pro Subscribers: We had loads of interest in last week's email credits offer, but it had to end some time! Fear not though, here's 50% extra free for the next week. Click here if you're UK based or here if you are exempt from VAT

Posted by Catherine - Tuesday 13th Dec 2016

Congratulations to our lovely sub Metcalfe Lancaster and their client Tal Silverman on winning gold in the Campaign Big Awards 2016. The poignant campaign #RemeberShafilea, for Karma Nirvana's annual Day of Memory, aimed to continue to raise awareness for the victims of honour killings and restore the memory of Shafilea in a positive way.

Posted by Catherine - Thursday 3rd Nov 2016

Happy Halloween guys! Did you know...The ancient Celts thought that spirits and ghosts roamed the countryside on Halloween night. They began wearing masks and costumes to avoid being recognized as human.

Posted by Catherine - Monday 31st Oct 2016

Congratulations to Graeme Cunningham, whose name was picked from the pot by a blindfolded - and disorientated - Catherine, to win our free Pro Account competition this month. If you've missed out, fear not... give us a call and we'll sort you out with a great deal on an upgrade package to soften the blow!

Posted by Steph - Monday 24th Sep 2016

Calling all food photographers and illustrators: If you're looking for ideas for your next campaign, don't forget October is National Pizza Month! There's also a secret prize for the tastiest looking creation that graces our desks over the next few weeks...

Posted by Steph - Thursday 29th Sep 2016

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